e-Application helps in saving time and getting better solutions with new technologies in time.

Customised Programs can be accurately applied in time saving situations for stereo type structures
Domain Expertise
In a world where the traditional factors of production-land, labour, capital and enterprise-are becoming increasingly porous across borders, organizations are setting sail to discover the next holy grail of competitive success. Very often they have stumbled on the discovery that the holy grail they are looking for lay very much within themselves: the power of their organizational knowledge. And effective management of this knowledge could be a source of lasting competitive advantage. Khetwal Enterprises partners with client organization to create customised Knowledge Management (KM) systems that are in alignment with their organizational objectives. A KM system is a procedure that undertakes the task of discovering, capturing, organizing and providing access to all organizational knowledge through a single user interface. One might be forgiven for wondering why we do not offer a KM product. Knowledge by definition is somewhat elusive: easily understood by everybody, yet difficult for anybody to define. Secondly, what is knowledge for one could be junk for another. Therefore it is very difficult, if not downright impossible, for anyone to taking a templated approach to KM. A customised approach on the other hand requires us to understand your needs, define what knowledge is for you, and find the most optimal way to archive, retrieve and deliver that knowledge.
Computer Application for Structural Designs
Computers application have made life easier in most senses and particularly in the area of faster processing and flexibility of movement use of right programs, may be customised, helps in getting structural design well with in time with sufficient accuracy. These days variety of softwares have come up from their usual job of typing and are delivering benefits in other areas as well like computations, remote sensing, report generation with reusability etc. Softwares are gaining popularity because costs of designing are coming down and the application areas are increasing. We use self developed softwares which are user friendly, time saving, project specific customisable. Client related & design data is stored in databases with required details for automation so that there are least chances of making mistakes, arises usually due to cut copy & paste method for specific type of structures.